Album Downloads

Thank you so much for donating and supporting the cause of Humans in Harmony! With your donation we will be able to grow as an organization, and spread our impact to other communities! As a token of our thanks, we would like to offer you a mp3 download of these songs! All you need to do is click the hyperlinks, then click download! Thank you again and we hope that you enjoy listening to the songs!

music corps albumMusic Corps 2019

Click here to download the whole album!

How Sweet The Sound  – Ivan, Ana, Sebastian (AHRC Norfolk Center)

Mi Amor – Daniel D., Sebastian (AHRC Norfolk Center)

Sightseeing (On 42nd street) – Monique, Sebastian (AHRC Norfolk Center)

Praise God with Music – AHRC Fisher Center, Samantha, Sakari

The Journey of Us – Page, Olivia, Jenna, Jacqueline (NYU Chapter)

I Love The Summer – ZuluP, Chadley, Nyokabi (AHRC New York League)

My Family – Daniel M., Michael, Robert, Jean, Marcos, Cher, David (AHRC Redfield)

One World of Love – Patricia, Cher, David (Isabella Geriatric Center)

Apple of My Eye – Heather, Mikey, Kelsea, Cory (CUMC Chapter)

Corona – Mike, Cory (CUMC Chapter)