Throughout the past months, we’ve been longing for presence, contact, and physicality with each other. We’ve also struggled to make sense of the other polar—the meaning of loss, distance, and virtuality.

We are prompted to explore new channels of togetherness: under the fuzzy light of the screen, by the imagined stage of internet platforms, we speak and write, sing and dance, so close and so far, present with passions, toasting to absence.

Still, we miss the restaurant juiced with herbs and spices, the classroom where we don’t have to read eyes, the doors that witness our hugs of hello and goodbye, the concert hall with melodies walking into each other…….

We sway back and forth, continue to create connections on the delicate borderline, to explore this liminal space in between.

We’re looking for articles, editorials, interviews, art, and pitches that may pertain to Humans in Harmony’s Issue 1 theme: Absence, Presence, and the Space Between.

Send all submissions to Submissions should be unpublished, original work. If applicable, include all credits in the email.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions.

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We believe that everyone is a creative artist and every person has a story to tell.

We believe in the power of the arts not only to comfort and connect, but to transform and reimagine.

We hope to build a community of artists as a community of equals, where everyone is part of the joint creation of the next moment.