Pavel and Gideon’s Collaboration Journal

Pavel and Gideon were both glad to be connected as a part of the HiH CollabArts Project given their shared Princeton major: (astro)physics (Pavel is a “recent” alumnus [PHY ‘15] and Gideon is an incoming junior [AST ‘22]). However, this project was more focused on art. Pavel suggested a theme he has been slowly workingContinue reading “Pavel and Gideon’s Collaboration Journal”

Haitian + Jacqueline’s Collaboration Journal

We started with random random questions for each other to answer, from favorite candle scents to thoughts on memory and forgetting. Eventually what we landed on was our state of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic. Haitian started to talk about her experience of living in a rented apartment and hearing sounds from her neighbor throughContinue reading “Haitian + Jacqueline’s Collaboration Journal”

Call for creative thinkers and makers!

Call for creative thinkers and makers! Form here: Apply to be a creative collaborator with Humans in Harmony! This is a process and space to connect with others, and to create and share musical or other creative collaborative projects. The aim is to engage in mutual learning and discovery with one another, and toContinue reading “Call for creative thinkers and makers!”