Humans in Harmony brings together storytellers and songwriters from all backgrounds to connect through collaborative music-making. The storyteller provides the narrative, sharing an important memory or experience in writing. The songwriter turns the narrative into song, creating a musical composition for the storyteller.

The process is one of mutual communication, connection, and discovery. The songwriter empathizes with another person’s story and participates in its re-telling. The storyteller experiences a meaningful memory as re-imagined and celebrated by another.

The process is grounded in the philosophy that every person has a story to share and every person is a musician. Participants sign up as storytellers and songwriters through our website or through our workshops. We connect each storyteller with a songwriter and walk the pair through the process of sharing and composing. Prior musical experience is not required.

We’re excited to have you participate through our website! Here’s how it works:

1. Connect

Sign up to:

Send a Story. Every person has a story to share and celebrate through song. Tell us your story here.

Send a Story


Send a Song. Every person is a musician. Tell us about yourself, and Humans in Harmony will teach you how to transform a story into musics and lyrics.

Send a Song

2. Create

Once a storyteller submits a narrative, we send it to a songwriter. We also send the songwriter a step-by-step guide to music composition. The songwriter has one month to turn the narrative into song.

At this stage, we do not share the full name or contact information of the storyteller with the songwriter, nor do we share the information of the songwriter with the storyteller.

3. Share

Once a song is completed, we send it back to the storyteller.  At this point, we ask both the songwriter and the storyteller if they would like to collaborate further. If both parties say yes, we connect them through e-mail, and they can meet in person to continue working on the song, or simply to connect. The songwriter-storyteller pair can choose either to share their song on our website or to keep their song private.

Ready to jump in?

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